Regarding Phishing

Recently there has been a number of phishing attempts to encourage people to click on links or to provide urgent help.

It is crucially important for any requests that ask you to click a link or to respond with information or assist with money, that you stop and double/triple check whether it is valid. If you think it might be valid have some suspicions – listen to the suspicions and do not act on it. I am also available to provide assistance to help assess if it is valid.

Doing an Assessment

The first area to look at is the email address of the person sending the email. This is usually readily available by looking closely at the sender email address. Recent scams have created emails such as fulll_name<>. as the email is long it is possible to miss the details and on quick glance can seem valid.

This guide provides excellent tips on how to detect phishing scams:

For a quick video – this is helpful.

If you wish to take a course to train on how to detect the different types of fraudulent phishing attempts: