Secure Wiping Drives

Identifying Types of Drives

There are different procedures on how to wipe an entire drive securely depending on the types of drives you use.

Traditional Spindle Hard Drives

  1. Download sdelete from sysinternals
  2. Find out the exact drive letter of the drive you wish to delete
  3. Run cmd.exe (command prompt) as an administrator. Type in the following and press Enter:
    sdelete.exe -p 2 -c {drive letter}
  4. Wait patiently

SSD/Hybrid Drives

For SSD/Hybrid drives, the procedure is different on erasing the drive safely and securely.

You will also need to check whether if the drive has a PSID or not.


  1. Download sedutil-cli from
  2. Run Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as an administrator
  3. Type “sedutil-cli –scan” to find the drive you want to erase (you should see Yes next the the drive your working with).
  4. You should see the following message:

    “INFO: revertTper completed successfully.”

    If you get a message that says “NOT_AUTHORIZED” you entered the PSID wrong.

Without PSID

Do not use a standard drive wipe writing zeroes as you would with a spindle drive!

  1. Encrypt the disk with a long encryption key that you do not save.
  2. Format the disk
  3. Encrypt the disk a second time
  4. Format for reuse