Zoom Conferencing

Zoom for Teaching

Zoom is available at UofT for teaching. The following page outlines the status of Zoom as video communications is presently being evaluated.


Using Zoom

UofT (UTM) has some starting instructions available for using zoom and they can be accessed here:


More extensive instructions are available with your UtorID account once logged in


Recording with Zoom

The following links provide details on how to record your meeting:



If you are teaching with a laptop or tablet, recording to the cloud is included with your UofT account, and once completed, you will be sent a link by email.

Please be advised that the University of Toronto’s Zoom Education license has a 120-day retention period for cloud recordings. Zoom recordings will automatically be deleted after 120 days. There are limitations to the amount of videos you can store in the cloud (500MB), but even if you go past your limit, your classroom will continue to record until it is ended, but new recordings will not be able to be started. It is recommended to back up recordings after every lecture as cloud recording space is not big enough to store multiple large videos; instructions are below:



It is recommended to store videos in MyMedia for teaching. Follow the instructions here: