Transitioning to New Email Server

New Email Server

On Tuesday May 5th 2020 we transitioned from our old mail server ( to our new email server (

The biggest change will be that your new user name for email is your FULL email address.

The new mail server requires some changes in your client software to work. POP mail will no longer be offered. IMAP mail will be the default. SMTP will be secured SMTP with TLS.

The new settings are as follows: SSL/TLS port 993 startTLS port 587   (or SSL port 465)

If you are using Thunderbird AND if you configure a new account, your email client will be automatically configured for you.

You can also test your credentials by logging into the new webmail interface at

note: If you are still using the old domain, this email account is still available by logging in to using your full geology email and your existing password

To change your settings on either your ES email address or your Geology email address you can access them through the settings in your web client using or by using