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We’ve assembled some resources to help with some common IT-related issues.

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Need help setting up printers? Click here for more information!

UofT/guest Wi-Fi

Setup and configure your University of Toronto Wi-fi

Office 365 install

Setup and configure your University of Toronto Office 365

Secure Document Sharing

How to send documents to others securely

Telephone System: VoIP

Setup and configure your University of Toronto VoIP telephone system!


Having trouble setting up emails? Have you received something suspicious? Click here to learn more about setting up your emails

Web Conferencing

Having issue trying to connect to a web conference? Learn more about web conferencing here and how to get setup!

Remote Sessions

Need access to your PC offsite? Unsure which remote services to use? Click here to learn more about remote sessions!


Need some tips on how to create, remember, or manage passwords? Click here to learn how to create and manage passwords!


Need access to UofT’s resources? Learn more about VPN connections here!

File Sharing

Need to request a file from someone? Click here to learn more about file sharing!

Wiping Drives

Need to erase your drive entirely but not sure if you have sensitive data? click here for more information on wiping hard drives securly!

Teaching with Zoom

Zoom conferencing is available for teaching. A Zoom Education license is similar to the Standard Pro license that can be purchased individually to run an interactive meetings with up to 300 participants.